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Portable shopping list

The longer we shop with a particular store, the more our historic data contributes to the recommendations we get. But the cost of that loyalty is that we don’t change who we shop with very often, even when it's more convenient or cheaper to use someone else.

People have more power in the market if they can take their shopping lists or purchase histories with them. The GDPR gives people the right to data portability, so we’ve imagined what this might look like for online food shopping.

Import your shopping list from another grocer

Quickly populate your shopping basket by pulling in your shopping list from another supermarket.

You've chosen to import your favourite shopping list from QuickShop.

Spaghetti (1kg)


Pasatta sauce


Garlic clove


Chopped tomatoes


Carrots (700g)


Mushrooms (300g)




Items 7

Price to pay £4.75