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Data access tracker

When you rent a flat or buy a house, you have to hand over a lot of personal information. You might be asked to share bank statements or payslips to show you can afford the rent. But you don’t know who uses that information, or how long they keep it for.

GDPR grants the right of access and the right to be informed. These broadly mean people will have the right to know who is processing their data and why. We’ve imagined what this looks like in the context of renting a flat.

The data access tracker shows you what information you’ve sent, why someone else needs it, and who has accessed it. If you see unusual behaviour you can report the problem.

63 Claremount Road

£1,500 per month

Recent access to your bank statements

Viewed by the Assessor at QuickRent, to check affordability

32 minutes ago

Viewed by the Estate Agent at QuickRent, to confirm your identity

2 hours ago

Viewed by the Accounts Manager at QuickRent, to confirm receipt

9 hours ago

How QuickRent use your bank statements

  • QuickRent need this to check if you can afford rent payments.

  • It will only be accessible by the accounts department and your agent.

  • Your statements will be kept until the affordability check has been completed. This usually takes 48 hours.